Kay Truetone N1 Archtop

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These amazing catalog Kays were produced in Chicago during the 50's and 60's. This 'Ol boy still has the original hardware and stock pickup (5.46) which sounds amazing for those times you need to amplify. You'll see some fading dings in the finish and overall has lots of playwear so it's obvious this has been a well-loved instrument. The neck has a "soft V" profile, 12" radius, 1.665" nut width and neck thickness measuring at .85" (1st fret) and 1.145" (12th fret). 

This one isn't winning any limbo contests folks. The high-ish action is as low as it can go and is ideal for slide licks and cowboy chords. Our amazing luthiers here at EMS have given it some extra care too, including a fresh setup, spot level and nut refit so you can rest easy knowing this vintage guitar will feel and play great considering its age.

This Kay does not have a case but we'll take extra care shipping this safely to you. If you have any questions about this guitar or any other items give us a call here at the shop!