Tungsten Amplification 5F-4

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Tungsten's incredible take on the classic Tweed Super. The incredible portability and smooth, sweet breakup makes the Tweed Super one of the most desired circuits in the tube amp world. Tungsten has made this available to mere mortals like you and me. Loaded up with a pair of Weber Alnico Classic speakers, this tone monster rips! A pair of JJ 6L6 sit in the power section of the tweed badass. Up top it has the classic control panel with Bright/Normal inputs with independent Volumes, Presence, Bass, & Treble! And it weighs in at 37.7 lbs. 

This is the perfect size amp and tonally spot-on for nearly all styles and venues. Take it to a session. Take it to a club. It ain't no thang. This amp is lightly used and functions like a dream! It ships out lightning fast, ya'll!