Two Rock TS1 100w Head and Cab

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This amp was originally released in 2010.  Bill Krinard was always searching for the “Tone Secret” and the TS1 is the nod to the classic overdrive, cascading gain stage amplifier.  Over the years, Bill has been refining the circuit and in 2017, we’ve re-released this amp with the benefit of these refinements.

New for 2017, the Two-Rock team has introduced a few key features.

  1. The 100 watt output transformer is a new proprietary design that allows a “HIGH/LOW” function.  This function allows you to change from 100 to 50 watts with zero impedance change.  In fact, the way that this transformer is designed, a whole new output is realized.  Fatter, richer harmonics are a direct result and the punch will be noticed immediately.
  2. We’re using NOS parts in all the tonal-specific places.
  3. New silver anodize with silver skirted knobs or traditional black anodize and chicken head knobs.
  4. Original Two-Rock cabinet design.

This amp is SUPER CLEAN and will rock your freaking socks off.

Price is for Head AND Cab.

Come getchu some.