Universal Audio SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphones

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From lush acoustic guitars to crisp drum overheads, Universal Audio’s SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphone Pair will accurately capture your source in beautiful stereo sound! These small-diaphragm condensers deliver a rounded top-end, boasting an incredible clarity that picks up every nuance of your sound. UA have also included a wealth of accessories that make the SP-1 pair ready to record right out of the box, like the inclusion of a stereo T-bar that makes it easy for even the least experienced users to get a wide stereo capture. Plus, UA’s Apollo SP-1 presets will give you mix-ready results with the click of a button!

The best part of having a matched pair of SDCs is the incredible amount of clarity, definition, and space you can achieve while stereo recording. However, placement, leveling, and phase issues can add real challenges to any session. To let you get the most out of your SP-1 pair, Universal Audio included a stereo T-bar and two mic stand mounts for easy stereo recording — no matter your experience level! A T-bar allows you to easily place your mics in an XY configuration with just a single mic stand, capturing your sound in stunning stereo with minimal effort.