Vertex Steel String Clean Drive

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The Steel String MKII is about as easy as it gets when finding inspiring tones with your amp and guitar pairing of choice.  When the gain is below 50%, the Steel String will act as more of a clean boost with some D-style coloration (dialing the Filter, Volume, and Rock/Jazz settings to taste).  However, when the gain knob exceeds 50%, it begins to get into light overdrive territory and makes for an amazing mid-gain overdrive and an amazing pedal for stacking into mid-range style overdrives like the classic TS-style circuits.  In addition to being an amazing stand-alone overdrive, the Steel String can be a great EQ to balance out other harsher overdrive pedals when stacked, and can smooth some of those unwanted frequencies we often have to dial out of our mid and high gain pedals. Whether you want to use the Steel String MKII as a Boost, Overdrive, or EQ shaper, there are literally endless possibilities that would make it an excellent choice for your pedalboard.

This pedal is lightly used and ships safely and swiftly! Feel free to call us with any questions you have about this pedal.