Vintech Audio 273 Mic Pre EQ w/ Power Supply

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Lookie what we have here! This lovely Vintech Audio 273 features 2 1073-style microphone preamplifiers + "essential EQ" on every channel. Vintech calls the high and low shelving EQ adjustments "essential" because they really help to enhance certain instruments and impart a certain magic to the sound like a vintage Neve 1073. Frequency choices are 5.6kHz and 12kHz for the highs and 60Hz and 110Hz on the low shelving but can be special ordered at other practical frequencies. Each channel also offers an input sensitivity adjustment allowing up to 70db of gain, an input impedance switch, a mic-line switch, an instrument input and switches for phantom power, phase reverse and EQ on or off.

Vintech Audio 273 Features:

  • Class A, all discrete, transformer balanced circuitry
  • "Essential EQ" on each channel
  • Impedance adjustment and direct instrument inputs
  • Custom-machined aluminum knobs

*HIGH PASS pot is slightly bent but operates as it should. Would need to replace if it bothers you. Channel 2 is slightly lower gain than channel 1 for some reason. There is an internal trim pot so it's possible to calibrate this.*