Voodoo Lab GCX Audio Switcher

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Get total control over your pedals, rack effects, amp & channel switching, etc, etc, etc. It's stupid how many different ways this system can take your rig to the pro level. You can use each of the eight loops for true bypass effect switching, A/B switching to select amps and preamps, or to control any type of footswitch function such as amp channel switching.

GCX loops have no active circuitry, so your tone will stay pure and dynamic no matter what kind or how many effects you use. 

This unit really is most useful with the Voodoo Ground Control (not included with this listing). So definitely be sure to grab one of those. 

This unit works great but does have physical signs of love and use. It's seen some action. Also the original power supply is not included. But it has been tested with a different power supply and works great. 

Grab this to start upgrading your rig and we will ship it lightning fast.