Vox AC30CC2

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You know what this is. One of the most recorded, gigged, and coveted amps in history. The mighty AC30! This thing is full of chime, tone, and has all the classic features!

All of the classic features are here: chimey tone with the right crunch thanks to the EL84 tubes,  two channels ( oh that classic Top Boost) with lush reverb and throbbing tremolo

The Vox AC-30 has a tone that resonates with people, from the jangly tones of early Beatles recordings to Brian May’s epic wall-of-Vox lead and riff work to the vocal, funky jazz fusion of John Scofield. 

This unit shows signs of love and use but this is all aesthetic (see pics). This amp functions perfectly and sounds freaking amazing. Grab it for your rig and it'll ship out safely and securely. 

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