Way Huge Penny Saver Royale

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The Penny Saver Royale brings together a couple of Jeorge Tripps' famous circuits, the Overrated Special drive and the Blue Hippo Chorus. 

One side features all the punch, grit, and tweakability of the Overrated Special Overdrive. The other side features the lush, liquid tones of the Blue Hippo Chorus. Run each effect independently, or luxuriate in the thick, soupy textures created when overdrive charges into the viscous embrace of modulation. This pedal is ready to infuse your licks with a surge of gain and sustain and the liquefied intensity of a rotating speaker. Mmmmhmmm!

This pedal is used but it's super clean and works like a charm. It is no longer in production so this is your chance to snag one that ships with the original box and goodies. Grab it for your board and/or collection and we will ship it out the next day. 

If you have any questions about this pedal or any of our gear, feel free to give us a shout here at the shop.