Westerlund ONE Preamp, Overdrive and Boost

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The Westerlund ONE is designed to be an extension of your sound...think of it as a high-end preamp for your instrument. You can get plenty of gain and volume out of the ONE by pushing it, but it stays true to your original signal while providing a more balanced, fuller, and dynamic tone.

With three unique modes (Clipping Off or "Amp Mode", Germanium 'GE' Clipping, and Silicon 'SI' Clipping), a gain boost, a 3-band EQ, and plenty of headroom, the ONE covers a wide range of sounds (from transparent to full on tube saturation) that enhance the musicality of your instrument and your unique playing.

This preamp is lightly used and will ship fast and free in its original box! Give us a shout at the shop with any questions you may have about it.