Stage One Zumsteel Encore Pedal Steel

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The Encore model is the answer to those players who loved the Stage One model, but wanted to be able to have a different mechanical setup than the Stage One.

It features an all pull changer, triple raise and triple lower. Three pedals and FIVE knee levers are standard equipment, as is a very deluxe setup at no extra charge.

 ZumSteel Encore Standard Setup
Pedal A (left)  Raise 5 & 10 B to C#
Pedal B (center) Raise 3 & 6 G# to A
Pedal C (right) Raise 5 B to C#, Raise 4 E to F# (tune a bit flat)
Levers –
LL (left moving left)    Raise 4 & 8 E to F
LR (left moving right) Lower 4 & 8 E to Eb
LV (vertical) Lower 5 & 10 to Bb, Lower 5 & 10 to C used with pedal A
RL (right moving left) Raise 1 F# to G#, Raise 2 D# to E, Lower 6 G# to F#, Lower 6 to G used with pedal B
RR (right moving right) Lower 2 D# to D at half stop, to C# at full stop, lower 9 D to C#