Zvex Seek Wah Hand Painted

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Wicka-wicka-wicka-what are you waiting for?? The Seek wah has 10 knobs. 1st one chooses between 4, 6, or 8 wah stages. Next one is the speed of the repeating pattern. Then there are 8 knobs for the wah setting of the 8 stages.

Each of 8 stages has a knob that you set the position of the Wah; think of it as setting how far the wah wah pedal is pressed down at that stage. The pedal sequences through the selected stages at the selected speed. You can get some cool sample and hold type sounds, or blips, or autowah sounds.

This pedal is super unique sounding and looking. It shows some signs of use but in great condition overall. It ships the next day.