Beetronics FX Abelha Tropical Fuzz

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The Abelha Tropical Fuzz has arrived and this thing is sick. Let's hear from the boss bee himself, Filipe Pampuri:

"I'm incredibly excited to introduce you to our latest pedal, the Abelha "Tropical Fuzz". This project is close to my heart because I was born and raised in Brazil. For a while, I've wanted to create a pedal that explored tones inspired by the Tropicalia movement. Brazil in the '70s had some genuinely unique fuzz tones, and that's what we've aimed to capture with this pedal.

Beetronics' goal was to embrace a classic nostalgic vibe in both its design and tones, seamlessly integrating modern features while looking ahead to create a unique futuristic fuzz tone and I beelieve we nailed it!

The Abelha offers three distinct flavors of fuzz via a toggle switch at the pedal's center. "Polen" delivers a sagged and spitty tone reminiscent of a dying battery on a germanium fuzz style. "Nectar" provides a round and huge-sounding fuzzy option, while "Honey" offers slightly more contained gain with impressive versatility. The Buzz and Loud controls adjust the fuzz and volume, while the HI and LO controls provide a versatile range to shape your EQ to perfection.

The highlight of this pedal is its Tropical Mode—a high-pass filter that introduces the characteristic Brazilian buzzing fuzz tone, instantly transporting you to the tropics. Activate it momentarily by holding the footswitch or toggle it on and off with a double tap. There’s also three footswitch profiles to adjust the tempo of the momentary function to your liking.

With that said, there’s no need to be a Brazilian music aficionado to get hooked on this pedal! It's a Beetronics masterpiece, showcasing what we do best —vintage-voiced, forward-thinking sweet fuzz tones. Perfect for any music genre or style that craves an outstanding fuzz tone."

This sweet fuzz ships fast and free 'cause that's how we be! If you have any questions give us a call here at the shop.