Death By Audio Octave Clang V2

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The highly coveted Octave Clang has made a triumphant return to Death By Audio's Queens workshop. Long presumed extinct, the OC was never really gone, merely in a state of hibernation—evolving, refining, and enhancing its already extraordinary sound.

In the decade since it disappeared, DBA revisited the original Clang circuit, sculpting it into something better—a more ferocious, menacing, and thunderous force that is as usable as possible for today's musicians.

Embraced by professionals and punks alike, the vintage Octave Clang was created to unleash distinctly unconventional tones that captivated the senses. In this, it succeeded, but many users found it difficult to tame. Today, DBA has refined and extended the range of the original controls, added a foot-switchable octave, and did some under-the-hood supercharging.

The resulting circuit is an insane yet versatile beast, empowering you to easily sculpt discordant ringing drones, visceral octave scrapes, and ground-shaking distortion. The revitalized Octave Clang is primed and ready to destroy!

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