Mythos Pedals Golden Fleece

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THE GOLDEN FLEECE HAS GONE MINI! The latest version of the Golden Fleece fuzz is now in a smaller enclosure but all the original tone is there if not improved! More clarity, responsiveness, and lower noise all with lower output! Save pedalboard real estate and get the same rockin' tones! 

The Golden Fleece an incredibly simple circuit that skirts the line between overdrive and fuzz. 

Based on a much talked about pedal used by Wilco's Nels Cline this simple one knob unit lives in your guitars volume and tone controls.  The Golden Fleece cleans up better than almost any other fuzz out there and the single knob on the unit is a master volume control. The unit has a very balanced tone that doesn't shift your guitars sound just offers a biting, yet full sound that would work for a variety of musical styles.

  • Incredible full fuzz tone

  • Responses to your guitar volume & tone controls.

  • Single transistor with hand selected clipping diodes

  • Single volume control on unit

  • Quality through hole components

  • True Bypass switching