Quinn Custom Designs Unity Transparent Overdrive

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The QCD Unity has a Mix of Three Different Pedal Circuits. Its a Combo of a Marshall Bluesbreaker Pedal, A JHS morning Glory , and A Analogman King of tone. IT has Six different Clipping (3 hard clipping , and 3 soft clipping )options so you can nail exactly how much Gain you want in your overdrive and how smooth you want it. Internally it has a Presence trim pot control similar to amp to adjust your hi filter. During builds I set this to what I believe sounds best before they leave but you're welcome to tailor it to your tastes. This is the perfect light distortion always on pedal for your rig and it stacks great with just about anything.

This transparent drive pedal is handmade here in Nashville and will ship to you swiftly and safely! If you have any questions about this or any pedal give us a shout here at the shop.