Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo

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The ZOIA Euroburo is an open canvas to paint your sonic ideas. FM synthesis, CV tools, MIDI tools, audio effects, interface options - all at your fingertips. The Euroburo transforms the rigmarole of interfacing a studio full of music gear and condenses it into one handy little box, which you can then interface with your own studio full of music gear.

In short, ZOIA Euroburo is an infinite trick pony whose utility is limited only by your imagination.


  • 4 CV Input and 4 Output Jacks - Editable CV jacks that send or receive -5 to 5, 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 volts
  • 8 Dedicated CV UI Buttons - CV jack connections are always accessible on the face of the Euroburo
  • 2 Quick Access Buttons - Sticky buttons, the assigned function does not change when changing page - great for live performances!
  • Stereo 3.5mm audio I/O - Includes dedicated audio I/O buttons to quickly patch in and out of the ZOIA
  • MIDI 1/8" In/Out jack - MIDI 1/8" in/out jacks allow you to connect a huge range of external devices to control any or all of ZOIA's functions and easily add MIDI control to your modular setup!
  • Headphone Audio Out - 3.5mm headphone out with UI button for volume control
  • Skiff Friendly - 28mm depth with power


  • 80+ Modules and Growing - ZOIA Euroburo comes packed with a vast collection of modules to create just about anything you can dream up
  • Create your own effects, synths, control devices, and more including oscillators, LFOs, filters, bit crushers, envelope followers
  • 20+ pre-built effects modules such as reverbs, delays, chorus', flangers, overdrives and more
  • Create and save up to 64 patches that can be easily recalled during live performance
  • Join the community of ZOIA users on patchstorage to try out other users patches, or upload your own awesome creations to share with the world
  • SD card included allowing you to load and save patches to/from ZOIA
  • OLED display screen for easy editing allowing you to view all of ZOIA's module and parameter information on the high resolution OLED display screen
  • Patch recall system sends MIDI program change messages to change patches on the fly
  • Built-in help - like having a built in manual, the dedicated help function will give you quick information at a glance about ZOIA's various modules and options
  • 48 kHz sampling, with 24-bit conversion and 32-bit internal processing
  • Extremely low noise operation with a signal to noise of >105 dB