Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator - Factory

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If you're just getting into synths, want something super-portable, or know a younger synth-lover, check out the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-16 Factory. This calculator-sized digital synth was designed specifically for its portability and intuitive interface, sporting a screen with fun animations, a 16-step arpeggiator as well as a 16-step sequencer, 16 onboard effects, and three synth engines, along with a few other features. The Operator Factory is perfect for on-the-go composition or for people who just like playing with synths.

Lead synthesizer for keys melodies. sequencer with parameter locks, play styles and punch-in effects.

  • multiple real synthesizer engines
  • 15 sounds + micro drum
  • 16 punch-in effects
  • 16 punch-in arpeggio and chord play styles
  • 16 pattern chaining