Alexander Pedals Forget-Me-Not

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Forget-Me-Not is a lot of things. It can be an echo, or a reverb unit. It can sound gorgeous, or incredibly broken. It can make you remember, or cause you to forget everything.

Forget-Me-Not is a digital echo unit based on a fairly rare piece of rack gear. The original was designed as a reverberation unit but the implementation was a bit idiosyncratic, so the result ended up somewhere between reverb and delay. Alexander leaned into the differences between this unique approach and a modern delay / reverb unit to create something that has one foot in each world.

From the designer: Forget-Me-Not is a bit of a departure for us. No menus, no display, just lots of knobs and switches. This allows you to get your hands on everything in the pedal and focus on creating. Don’t worry, we still have MIDI, presets, expression pedal support, and all of the other modern conveniences! But we wanted to give you something that makes you feel inspired. We hope this pedal makes you as happy to play as it was for us to build.
— Matthew Farrow

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