Ampeg B-12XT PortaFlex 4x12 1967

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They don't call it a PortaFLEX for nothin, this baby has MUSCLE!

We all love the old flip-top Ampegs from the 60's, but not everyone knows that they came in 4x12's! This thing is absolutely monstrous, and it's got the tones to prove it! Don't you love that these amps have a designated "Accordion" input? Can you imagine playing an accordion through a 4x12 cabinet?

This 60's beast has been used a good bit, and has seen its fair share of maintenance, as you'd expect from any amp with decades of gigs under its belt. It's still got the original Jensen C12N speakers, and all the original pots and transformers. It's been recapped and retubed, and our amp tech here at EMS replaced the old 2-prong power cable with a newer 3-prong cable, as well as replacing a couple old broken resistors and fixing the vibrato circuit.

We ain't gonna ship this bad boy. But if you're absolutely itching to get your hands on it, it'll be worth making the road trip down to Nashville to pick up in-store! 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!