AWOL Pedals Flow Filter

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Your favorite instrument’s new voice. Flow is an envelope filter pedal with an exotic mix of vintage and modern sounds. Centered around simplicity, the single knob controls the sensitivity and range of the filter. 

Flow works with a variety of instruments, stacks well with other pedals, and works differently depending on where it is in your signal chain. It’s very input sensitive, so adjusting your pick attack or guitar’s volume control changes how the filter responds and sounds. The filter retains a distinct tonal character while providing lots of versatility with the range of it’s one-knob control. All the way turned up is your classic, bright and funky “auto-wah” sound. With the knob turned all the way down, you get a gentle but full, low-pass filter that’s guaranteed to turn your favorite overdrive tone into a massive fuzz. In between settings are perfect for injecting your tone with that vocoder-like, throaty, iconic rock guitar roar.

Unlock lush, chaotic, blooming waves of sound. Hand-made in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring true-bypass wiring. Flow is the next evolution of your tone.