Barber Electronics Compact Tone Press Parallel Compressor

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Volume. Blend. Sustain. What else do you need? Why you overthinkin' compression? 

Parallel compression is more natural than dealing with attack, ratio and release knobs. Barber developed a unique continuous “blend control” circuit, and combined it with a discrete “Class A” FET mixer circuit to allow you to continuously blend the natural signal of your guitar with a “phase-corrected” classic compression circuit. 

That was a lot of nerd talk just then. What it means is that this pedal gives guitar players what theyhave always wanted, outta their compressor: unaltered attack with supernatural sustain and resonance. 

here are 2 additional toggles one for "speed", which adds a new "fast" mode which is perfect for percussive playing without loss of attack. There is also a "Brilliance" toggle which adds a very subtle and polished sheen to the treble frequencies.

This unique pedal is hard to come by these days but we got you! Grab this lightly used pedal for your rig and we will ship it out the next day with the original box.