Beetronics Wannabee Beelateral Buzz

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The Wannabee "Beelateral Drive" is a dual-drive like no other. It combines two classic circuits, each with three distinct flavors that you can stack and weave to taste. Run them side by side, make them flow in to each other, it all comes together to make a world of tonal possibilities sweet as honey!

Now let's break that down. Starting with the two circuits.

Circuit #0 

Beetronics' Bluesbreaker-inspired creation, harmonizes the vintage amp tone with crystalline crispness, all while preserving that warm tube sound ya just can't get enough of. The three flavors of this circuit give you control over the amount of oomph in the low end. Flavor one serves as a mid boost, 2 is flat, and 3 gives a low end boost.

Circuit #1

The next circuit follows that of the legendary Klon. Need we say more? The iconic transparent overdrive with you love, with a sweet honey twist. Three clean blend flavors unique to the Beetronics Klone. Flavor one is fully wet, 2 is a medium blend, and 3 is a full clean blend.


Now here's where things get wild. The Wannabee houses a truly exceptional routing system that serves as your gateway into dual-drive tonal bliss. What the expert bees over at Beetronics have cooked up not only lets you choose the order of the circuits, but also lets you run them in parallel. Something not commonly found in other dual-drives. With the switch in the center position, use the volume controls to mix them together to your liking in parallel. Using the footswitches you can even decide when each circuit kicks in. Switch to the right send circuit 0 into 1. Switch to the left and send 1 into 0. Adjust the volume to push the first into the second and create a searing buzz of distortion. 

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