Big Ear Pedals Chase: The Money Bank

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BIG EAR pedals introduces CHASE: THE B̶U̶N̶N̶Y̶ MONEY BANK. (Kind of like a piggie bank, but it is a bunny bank! And it is named after a bunny, Chase!) It looks like an effects pedal, but don't be fooled--it's a bank! The face of the bunny bank features Chase the bunny's pawprints. He is always getting into things and leaving his mark! 

The bank has a money slot on the top of the enclosure and a rubber plug on the back plate where you can get the money out so you won't have to be like Grant, who smashed his WITH A HAMMER! And please, don't take the pennies out of the penny trays at the gas station if you don't actually need to--They don't mean take allllll the pennies.... GRANT. Ahem.