Bleep Labs Nebulophone

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The Nebulophone is a DIY, Arduino based synth with a stylus keyboard, selectable waveforms, arpeggios, and an analog filter. All powerful synth features crammed into a very simple, bare bones synth unit. The keyboard is a set of traces hooked to the microcontroller. They are played with a probe that makes the electrical connection. Packed into this diminutive synth machine are 8 waveforms along with a light controlled analog low-pass filter with 5 (count 'em 5!) adjustable LFO LED modes. It has perfect tuning across six octaves and adjustable temperament and key. And just for fun it has six arpeggio modes (with adjustable rate)! In short, this little guy is a actually a lil' badass. The Nebulophone has a 1/4″ mono output designed to be plugged it into any mixer, amp, USB interface, etc. 

This one shows very light signs of love and use and works great. It ships the next day with the original box.