BluGuitar Amp 1 Mercury Edition and 1x12 FatCab

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The game changing BluGuitar AMP1 is a powerful 100W head that gives you a diverse tone palette: from warm and rounded jazz to face-melting rock and metal in a tight, portable package. Paired up with the 1x12 FatCab, it is a force to be reckoned with.

The Mercury Edition comes with even more tightness through all overdrive channels,
extra punch and bite for high-gain-sounds in the Classic and Modern channels, and 
greater dynamics in the Modern channel for those metal tones the monster within you craves. Lastly the Mercury Ed. has a redeveloped reverb algorithm for adding even greater dimension and depth to your guitar sound.

Get exactly the tone you need without a jungle of menus and settings. Dial it in, plug it in. That's it, y'all! This thing absolutely rips and the sounds you can get are bar none. 

This amp and cab pairing are in near mint condition and functions flawlessly. The Amp 1 includes the box, cables and original materials. This amp and cab combo will ship out lightning fast.