Boss GE-7 XTS Midrange Graphic Modded

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The GE-7 is already a kickass EQ, but XTS managed to squeeze more kick assery in this tiny grey box.

The XTS Midrange Graphic Mod was developed with Tom Bukovac. The session ace wanted an EQ pedal centered entirely on the guitar's midrange frequencies. To that end, XTS takes a full-range Boss GE-7 and they modify the frequency bands to focus on critical midrange frequencies.

With the adjusted centers, you will find that smaller levels of cut and boost are required to make marked changes to your tone. This can allow for a more naturalistic or less 'effected' sound. Larger boosts and cuts can still be employed to significantly shift your tonal center.

The Midrange Graphic Mod also makes for a great boost that gives you pinpoint control of not just how loud you are but how you sound in the mix. Instead of terrifying your sound man with large amounts of full-range boost, you can pocket your sound in the band or in the track, stepping forward in the mix, not stepping on the mix. This mod also reduces the eq's noise floor, improving the pedal all-round for stage and studio use. 

This pedal has been lightly used and is still very clean. And of course it sounds phenomenal! Grab it for your rig and we will ship it out the next day with the original XTS box.