Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

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The infamous. 

This pedal needs no introduction. The Metal Zone. Constantly brought up in Rigs of Dad style roasting. Always the butt end of the joke. But the Metal Zone does not care. The Metal Zone will continue to provide some of the most ridiculous distortion that has ever spawned on our inferior planet.

The Affliction t-shirt of distortion pedals, The Metal Zone has a 3-band EQ with full control over where you want the mids. Where DO you want the mids? Do you scoop or boost, brah? 

Built inside the patented death-proof enclosure from your boiz at Boss. This pedal will last seven eternities until the Mother Wolf rises from her slumber. This pedal shows few signs of use and it is ready to wreak havoc upon your tonal world. Grab it today and it will ship it out to you swiftly the next day on the wings of Pegasus.