Boss TR-2 Tremolo (JHS "Versa-trem" Mod)

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JHS took what was already a beautiful, vintage-voiced tremolo circuit and expanded the possibilities to keep up with modern amenities such as a wider range of tremolo speeds and choppier waveshape options. It doesn't stop there, though. There's an added "rate LED" which not only allows you to see the speed of the trem, but it visually represents the waveshape of the effect. If you're a nerd like us, that you'll probably think that shit is really cool. Last but certainly not least, the knob on the side is to adjust the overall volume of the pedal. This eliminates the tendency for your volume to drop when you engage this pedal in a longer signal chain. Not only that, but if you zero out all of the other parameters, it makes for a nice little clean boost. Talk about versatility!

All of JHS' mods are currently discontinued, so these will only continue to be harder to find. Grab this lightly used one today and we'll ship it out super safely and swiftly! Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about this pedal.