Budda Super Drive 30 Series II 2x12 Combo

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An absolute gain monster. The 30 Watt Super Drive sports a hand-wired point to point power section along with Rhythm and Hi Gain channels. Controls across the front are simple: Treble, Mid and Bass controls This Budda doesn't stop there because you can shape your tone even further with a Push/pull Mid knob that gives you a more Modern sounding Mids response, and Push/Pull "Brite" on Rhythm volume. 

Flip this beast around and peep the back panel, you'll find an effects loop, Slave output with level control (in parallel with the power section) and dual speaker outs switchable to 4/8/16 ohm. It's loaded up with a pair of custom-designed Budda Phat speakers. Juicy.

This sweet modern rock machine shows light signs of love and use but all are aesthetic and do not detract from the looks or function of this amazing amp. The genius amp techs here at EMS have gone through and given this amp a clean bill of heath. It is ready for stage or studio and will ship out to you lightning fast!