Burny RLC Black Beauty

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Well, not all of them. But this one fucking rips. Well loved. Used, not abused. This baby has just got it. 

We're looking at an RLC model, made in China. It weighs just over 7.5 lbs, has a 12" radius with a classic "C" shaped profile, but not too thick. Sets at .840 at the 1st and .870 on the 12th. 

The pickups are full and sound great. Really nice clarity and just hot enough to give your rig a good push. Neck reads 11.96, Bridge at 11.46. 

We just pulled this off the bench of our incredibly talented luthiers and it plays like butter. Fresh fret level, crown, and polish with a spot on setup. Just trying to help you save some coin after your purchase. No issues. Some obvious cosmetic "surface swirling", bumps and bruises, but nothing to cry about. This guitar is just fun to play.

Get yourself a Black Beauty on the budget. It doesn't have a case, but we will ship it safe, secure, and insured very quickly after payment!