Caroline Guitar Company Shigeharu Germanium Octave Fuzz

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The fine folks at Caroline are back with a limited germanium version of their Shigeharu octave fuzz!

Shigeharu provides all the sweet singing sustain and massive flamethrower gain you crave, but with unprecedented clarity, improved punch and definition, and consistent performance wherever it sits in your signal chain – even after buffers or wireless units. Combine that with the parallel octave-up voiced fuzz available on demand with the Havoc* stomp and you have a whole lot of nasty right here.

These pedals of course include germanium semiconductors in the octave section, but swapping a few components for a few more expensive components wouldn't be enough. So they traced one of their vintage Soviet "bubble font" fuzzstortions to tweak some circuit values in the transistor clipping sections.

The whole thing is a bit darker, warmer, and a touch less distorted and furious than the standard Shigeharu, but it's still delightful and there is PLENTY of gain.

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