Carvin DC200 Jet Black

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This early 2000s Carvin DC200 is a shredders dream (serial 57258). Neck through build with stainless steel frets, Schaller locking tuners, MOP block inlays on a dark ebony board just do the thing with the Jet Black paint. 

Coming in with a nice slim "D" shaped neck, and a compound 12-16" radius. The depth at the 1st is .800 and .890 at the 12. It really gives the guitar effortless playability and the smoothest neck this side of the Mississippi. 

It also features an active circuit option if you wanna get extra balls from the stock C22 humbuggies. This baby is also equipped with coil tap and phase selectors so you can really dial in the precise tone your ear wants to hear, song to song.

This guitar is in extremely clean shape, especially considering it's age. No major dings at all, slight surface swirl can be found if you are really looking for it. 

We just pulled it off the bench and gave it fresh fret level and setup before photos and she will ship lightning fast with the original Carvin molded hardshell case direct to your door, ready to plug and play!