Catalinbread Montavillian Echo

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Catalinbread is notable for crushing it in the time-based effects arena, and this kickass delay unit is no different. The Montavillian is a tube-style echo with loads of headroom and a wide array of sonic possibilities. Sounds fantastic clean, or with all kinds of dirt slammed into it (yes, even those wild fuzzes). For even MORE headroom, this baby can be run at 18V!! How 'bout that? Similar to other tube-echo favorites, the dry signal just sounds better when the pedal is engaged rather than when it's bypassed. The Montavillian has got the special sauce, no doubt. With endless stacking abilities (try running it ahead of your overdrives--just trust me), this sweet little echo unit is a slam dunk in any rig.

This pedal has light signs of use and will ship safely and swiftly!