Chase Bliss Mood MKI

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Designed to be playful and immediate, it is a study of interaction. M O O D is internally collaborative, allowing audio to freely pass back and forth between its two sides, evolving and transforming over time. Drolo FX is behind the loop channel, a collection of always-listening micro-loopers, and Old Blood Noise Endeavors offer us the wet channel, a suite of live spatial effects.

We have three different options for how the channels are internally routed. Run a time-stretched loop through a cloud of delay taps, re-record it and carry on. Overdub, freeze, dissolve, smear.

The device’s heart is the clock control, which slows or accelerates both sides simultaneously in harmonized steps. Instantly turn a loop into rolling chirps, or divide a reverb down into atmospheric noise.

And naturally, we have full MIDI, dip-switch, and preset implementation.

This incredible pedal is very lightly used, and we'll ship it fast and free!

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about the MOOD!