Bina No. 9 Harmonium Deluxe

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For those who know what this is, you know how absolutely sweet it is. Some of the raddest, most unique tones lurk inside. Made in India, this deluxe Harmonium is enchantingly beautiful, both sonically and aesthetically. The small stops from left to right are as follows: C# drone, D# drone, F drone, G# drone. The larger stops are for activating the main pitch reeds, which can create a coupling effect for a richer, more resonant tone. The third stop from the right produces a fluttering tremolo effect when engaged by itself. It is tuned to A440 (current standard for pitch), and has 3.5 octaves. It is equipped with seven bellows for constant sustain and two sets of reeds. Don't let its toy-ish looks fool you--this instrument is professional grade and would make a great addition to any studio or gear arsenal. 

This instrument could be really fragile to ship and would much better for local pickup. So if you're not a local, maybe it's high time for a road trip! But if you must have this, and absolutely can not make the trip, then let's chat about options.

It includes its own carrying bag!