Celestion G12 NEO Creamback 8 Ohm 60 Watts

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Delivering all the magical tone you get from a traditional Creamback, the Neo Creamback is every ounce a Classic Celestion. The difference is, it’s built with a neodymium magnet: making this speaker around half the weight of a traditional ceramic magnet speaker.

Celestion’s engineers have developed a new and innovative way to better harness the mighty forces of the neodymium magnet, enabling us to create a guitar speaker that can deliver authentic Creamback tone with ease, while preserving the benefit of neodymium’s much lighter weight.

You still get the low end punch, warm, vocal midrange and sweet refined highs the Creamback is famous for: push it hard and enjoy the ‘race-car growl’ that sets pulses racing. But pick up a cab that’s loaded with Neo Creambacks and you’ll see what makes this speaker truly different.

This lightly used tone beast is still in great condition and sounds amazing. It ships the next day with the original box.