Fender TN-69 / TN-70 Thinline Telecaster Reissue MIJ

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Players who know are aware that the MIJ Fender guitars are some of the best damn guitars you can buy. This beautiful thinline has a great feel and mojo to spare. 

Crafted beautiful mahogany, it has an oval "C" maple neck (.815"-.907") with a comfy, playable 7.25" radius. The nut measures at 42mm. It has been outfitted with an aftermarket bone nut. The stock pickups have all the classic bite and brilliance that you want from a Tele; they have tons of vintage vibe and rich harmonic content. This guitar plays effortlessly. It's astounding. 

Furthermore our badass luthiers have given this baby a full fret dress and setup and it is ready for stage or studio with level frets and zero issues. It will ship the next day with the included hardshell case.