Marshall 1987X Super Lead 50w Mk II 2000

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This 50W Plexi reissue has been lovingly crafted to replicate the 70’s tone and aesthetics of the original. It’s unique tonal characteristics are what defined this all-valve amp and they have not changed in this reissue.

The 1987X delivers the perfect balance of classic Marshall overdrive and glistening clean tones. This earlier model from 2000 was built closer to the original and does not have the added FX loop that the later model 1987x's came with.

From classic overdrive to clean tones that can be mixed using the four inputs for the two loudness options.

This amp is SUPER DUPER clean, "like new". Lived inside, not gigged with, ready for someone to break it in and spread the message of rock and roll. As with all items coming from Eastside, we just pulled it off the bench, and it's got a clean bill of health. We will ship promptly, safe and secure after payment!