Nashville Farmacy Super Immunity Extract

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A caffeine-free, energizing tonic to reduce mental fog, improve memory recall and help to nurture a positive and creative mood.*

Brain tonic for mental stamina, alertness and concentration .*

Lion’s Mane - Neurogenesis, focus*

Shiitake - Immune support, cardiovascular and cellular protection*

Reishi - Blood flow, homeostasis*

Turkey Tail - Prebiotic, immune support, and antioxidant*

Chaga - Antioxidant and immune support*

Cordyceps - Cellular energy support, adaptogen, and anti-inflammatory*

Stinging Nettle - Inflammation modulating, nutritive tonic*

Ingredients: Reishi, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Ashwagandha, Alcohol. Contains 30% alcohol.

Suggested use: Shake bottle & take one dropper full daily.‡

‡Daily value not determined.

Dry herb/ menstruum ratio: 1:4

Extraction Rate: 97 mg /2 mL.†