Tyler Amps Tweed JT-46 Head and Cab

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Designed as a nod to early/mid 60's Plexi-style circuit, the JT-46 will make you swear it's one of those amps from the rock n' roll past. All the mojo and air-moving British vibe of a Plexi pushed through a 2x12 cab. Yeah, I'd say there's some tone in there. It's loaded up with 6L6's in the power section, but is designed to use a variety of power tubes such as: 6L6, EL34, KT66, KT77, KT88, and 6550 to name a few.

Across the front panel, this tweed powerhouse sports a versatile 3-band EQ, a Master Volume, and Presence control allowing for maximum tweakability. On the far right there are dual volumes (labeled Loudness) for Normal and High Treble. 

Tyler makes some of our favorite amps and we've seen our fair share of JT-46s (a shop favorite) and this one just rips! Sounds killer and looks super cool on the exterior. 

This amp is used and has signs of playwear love and use (see pics). Overall it is very good condition and sounds a-freaking-mazing! The legit amp techs here at EMS have made sure she's solid and ready for action. Ready to ship to your home or studio...or home studio.