David Eden Time Traveler Rev. A Head and 210-XLT Cab 2002

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A classic lowend rig from David Eden, one of the best builders of boutique quality bass rigs. This thing does not suck. The Time Traveler has an overall warm sound that is studio grade and low noise. It has really clear highs with an open sounding midrange. And then that lowend is deep and solid. But far from being a mere tone machine, the Time Traveler is loaded to the rafters with features that make it the perfect studio and live tool. Across the front panel are all the standard fair of features: 3 band EQ, Master and Gain controls along with a handy Mute switch. Alongside these is a built-in dbx-style Compression control. And the Enhance knob coupled with the push button Treble and Bass Dynamic Boost expands the 3 band EQ capability even further. All the tones you need are in here. 

But damn, Eden didn't stop there. Down the left of the front panel (in addition to the Mute), is a DI Pre/Post selector, High/Low Gain selector, and even a Warmth switch (as if the tonal palette of this beast wasn't wide enough). 

Flip around to the back and we get 

This powerful rig pumps out 300W @ 4 ohms through the boneshaking 210-XLT Cab that makes for the perfect mate to the TT head. The head is cozied up in the included live-in case. Overall is shows light signs of use and is very clean given its age. It's fully operational and ready for stage or studio. Add it to your rig and it'll ship out swiftly and safely. Feel free to call the shop with any questions you may have.