Divided By 13 AMW39 Head and Cab

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Hot take! Divided By 13 makes the sickest amps on the boutique market. Their 39 Watt AMW 39 was developed to be smaller brother to the LDW 17/39. It is the same amplifier as the LDW, "shortened" and with the "half power" functioned removed.

Wired as a single channel Class AB1, it features controls for Vol, Treble, Mids, Bass, and a Master Volume. It has a complement of JJ Tubes that consist of an EL34 power section, 12AX7 preamp section, and a GZ34 rectifier. This badass tone machine can operate in 4, 8, or 16 Ohm. 

And how about that sweet blue tolex. Hot damn!

It comes with the matching 1x12 cab and is convertible from closed back to open back. Options!!

This beauty is very lightly used and cared for. It is in excellent condition and sounds magnificent. It will ship out lightning fast upon payment.