DS Engineering Drill Instructor

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It takes a strong leader to create synergy within a group.  The Drill Instructor power-up grants you control of cadence.  But this is no ordinary commander.  His formidable shout tolerates nothing but perfect rhythm.


  • Tap tempo "distributor" that duplicates one input signal into three outputs
  • Allows tap tempo switch of one pedal to control up to three others
  • Input can be connected to external tempo jack of an effect, CV signal, or to a simple normally-open momentary switch, such as the Mandate
  • Two configurable outputs and one hardwired normally-open output
  • Compatible with "hold functions" such as infinite feedback or ramping
  • Multiple units can be cascaded to increase the number of outputs
  • Can be mounted underneath pedalboard to conserve space on top
  • Electrically isolated jacks to prevent ground loops and other common multi-tap problems