Electro-Harmonix JHS "Moscow Mod" Green Russian Big Muff

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EHX's reissue of the green russian Big Muff is already a massively legit release of the classic Sovtek era Big Muff. JHS took that ball ran with it, like, as far as they could go. Damn. Let's check it out!

JHS's now-discontinued Moscow Mod turns this classic fuzz/overdrive into a  tone machine. On the left side of the pedal they've added two toggles: the lower toggle is the Mode toggle, and the upper toggle is the +/- toggle.

The Mode toggle has three positions: down is Mode 1, middle is off or stock mode, and up is Mode 2. When in the stock position none of the other modifications will affect the sound. When in Mode 1 you will have a lower gain synth style gated fuzz sound. Experiment with all the knobs to see what kind of sounds you can get.

When in Mode 2, you have a high gain synth fuzz sound that will give you crazy oscillation sounds that are affected by putting all the knobs at different settings.

The +/-toggle does what it sounds like... gives you less… or more!

The knob on the right side of the pedal acts as a gain control for the feedback within the pedal. Turned all the way counter-clockwise the feedback is fully enabled. All the way clockwise is fully stock.

This mod goes from 60s classic rock vintage fuzz all the way to face melting modern sludge metal tones!

This is the end-all, be-all of Muff fuzz. It gets you everywhere you need to go!