Epiphone '58 Korina Flying V 2004 (Made In Korea)

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The original space age shred master: the mighty Flying V! Damn, why do we still love them so much? I'll tell you why...

This '58 Epi is a beautifully sick Flying V in antique natural. Crafted in Korean with a Korina body and the mahogany neck, this toneful guitar is dead-on recreation of the vintage V's: Epiphone did not skip on a single gotdang detail on this guitar: C 50's neck, 14" radius rosewood fingerboard (.843"-.873"), and that classy gold plated hardware. To round it all out some excellent upgrades have been made: CTS 500k pots & Switchcraft toggle, Switchcraft jack, .022 PIO cap...just the best stuff you want to make this a kickass V!  The pickups are the stock humbuckers which sound great (N: 5.94K, B: 8.23K). 

The playability on this one is bar none --it feels amazing and the tone is absolutely classic. The badass luthiers here at EMS have given this guy a full fret level & setup and fresh strings to insure that it ships with level frets and zero issues so that it's ready for stage or studio! You won't find another one that's been dialed in like this one has. It will ship out the next day with the included Epiphone Hardshell case!