Epiphone Riviera CA Reissue Cherry

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Timeless looks and incredible tone in a compact package!

Unplugged it loudly projects warm, woody tone--a preview of the tonefulness that comes at ya when she's plugged in! The Epiphone PRO mini humbucker pickups are balanced, bright, and full of articulation. Otis Rush, Robben Ford, Lou Reed...can such legendary players be wrong? I submit that they can not. This Riviera is a classic for a reason. 

This one plays as good as she looks! The maple C shape neck has an easy to play thin profile (.872" @ 1st fret, .981" @ 12th), a nut width of 1.686", and a 12" radius fretboard.

This one is lightly used and super clean. At some point in its life it was refurbished by MIRC, where it appears they replaced the nut and did some fretwork. They also appear to have marked over the original Epiphone serial number with their own unique serial. They also stamped it "USED" on the back of the headstock (see pics). Other than that, there is only light, nearly imperceptible: light pick swirl if you hold it to the light. She's a beaut, Clark!! 

All guitars leaving Eastside Music Supply receive proper care by our team of badass luthiers and this one is no different. We've given it a fresh fret level, setup, and custom bone nut, so you can be sure this thing will play circles around any other Riviera coming from the factory. 

This guitar will ship safely swiftly ready for stage and studio in its original hardshell case! If you have any questions about this guitar, please give us a shout here at the shop!