Epiphone SG Special 50th Anniversary Limited Run '61 RI

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Ohhhh TV Yellow....soooooo nice. Slightly translucent, just enough to see the grain.

::chef's kiss::

If you're a history buff (or even if you're not) Epiphone has something very special for you: the 50th Anniversary "1961" SG Special. Immortalized by Santana at Woodstock and smashed onstage by Townsend, the SG Special owns a piece of rock history. This SG is the real deal, giving you genuine P-90 crunch and a '60s SlimTaper neck with action that almost isn't there. The SG's lightweight mahogany body gives you great sustain and no pain, even if you play all night. 

This baby is lightly used and has a little bit of wear here and there but nothing to cry over.

Aside from being outfitted with a sweet vibrato, this baby has freshly level frets and is setup swimmingly.

We'll ship it out, ready to plug and play, super fast and secure upon purchase!