Ernie Ball Music Man Steve Morse Signature Blue Burst 1996

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When Ernie Ball collaborated with one of the most versatile guitarists of our time, they knew they were going to have to create one of the most versatile guitars of our time.

The Steve Morse signature model from Ernie Ball Music Man is a guitar built for only the most meticulous of players and tone-seekers. The poplar body is complemented by a maple C-profile neck (0.835"-0.900" thickness) featuring a rosewood fretboard with a 12" radius and 1 19/32" nut width. Now let's talk about those CRAZY electronics!

No boring old two-humbucker axe here. Hell, three wasn't even enough! To acomodate the needs of Steve Morse's playing, they had to load this bad boy up with FOUR custom DiMarzio pickups. But that wasn't enough, they also had to pack this thing with three different toggle switches to control those four pickups! 

The 3 way toggle switch on the right controls the slanted single coil pickup.                       Up - slanted single coil only                                                                                                     Middle - slanted single coil in addition to the other switch/toggle settings                         Down - turns off slanted single coil 

The 3 way blade switch in the middle controls the other three pickups.                                 Up - straight single coil                                                                                                             Middle - neck humbucker                                                                                                         Down - bridge humbucker                                                                          

The 2 way switch on the left turns the bridge humbucker on or off.                                       Up - bridge humbucker off                                                                                                       Down (or middle) - bridge humbucker on 

This guitar shows some signs of playwear, a few scratches and dings here and there, but functions perfectly! Like every guitar at EMS, this guitar has received a fresh fret level and setup from our master luthiers to ensure it'll arrive in your hands with perfect intonation, low easy action, and zero dead notes or fret buzz. We'll ship it to you super fast and super safe in its original hardshell case! 

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about it!