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Inspired by Roger Grant's idea to mimic loss of fm radio signal through the use of a simplified fm modulator/demodulator scheme. As a young child, I would hide under the table when Roger came around. Later, when I first started in electronics, he gave me a bunch of parts, tools and bench equipment. Controls interfere with demodulation accuracy resulting in familiar yet unexpected signal degradation and noise. Decoherence at its finest.


Like turning the dial on your receiver, the TUNE parameter sweeps through a wide variety of sounds. From subtle artifacts, to extreme textures, noise and distortion. Summmed with CV at T input.


Shifts the accuracy of tracking the incoming modulated signal. Sometimes acts as a filter. Highly dependent on TUNE.


Controls the input level, from clean to dirty. Pushing the DRIVE control generates extreme non-linearities from the modulator/demodulator circuit. Affects both the wet and dry signals.


Amount of wet signal at the output.


Amount of dry signal at the output.


Preset range of the TUNE parameter:

1 - normal

2 - extended


Apply voice filter ~(300Hz-3kHz) to wet signal:

0 - filter off

1 - filter on


IN: 1/4" Instrument input

OUT: 1/4" Output

T:1/8" CV input for TUNE

9V: 2.1mm 9VDC centre-negative tip, >30 mA


• The TUNE, SHIFT, DRIVE and RANGE controls are highly interactive.

• The higher the DRIVE, the more artifacts will be generated.

• TUNE is probably the widest, most non-linear, finest control ever included in our products. Micro adjustments here will drastically change the result of the demodulation.

• TUNE and SHIFT are mutually dependant, almost like they are the same control. By tweaking both, it almost seems like there is endless varieties of sounds.

• The RANGE switch shifts the whole palette of possibilities.

• Wet signal path is intentionally out of phase allowing for special interactivity between WET, DRY and FILTER.

• If the original signal is still present on the wet side, adding dry signal will cancel it out leaving only the distortionartifacts.

• If voice filter is activated in these same conditions, the result is a kind of mid-scoop instead of the usual bandpass.


•JFET pre-amp


•RFI/EMI approximator

•FM/AM radio quality reducer

•volatile and unpredictable distortion •noise, pop, crackle and squeal generator

•impress your friends


• true bypass

• dimensions 4.7" x 3.8" x 1.9"

• input impedance 1MΩ

• output impedance 1kΩ

• power supply 9 - 9.6VDC

• current draw 30mA @ 9.6VDC